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During this workshop we will explore the Cycle of Women Life, the functions and needs of female body according to the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and the practice of Iyengar Yoga. A Women Circle, sacred space of sharing and healing, will follow the Ayurveda/Yoga workshop to introduce the concept of Shakti, female potential energy, in a practical and experimental way.


We will learn the basis of Ayurveda, sacred traditional medicine with which Yoga shares the meaning of life, in order to understand and perceive the close relationship between ourselves and the Elements of Nature. Reaching a balanced and healthy lifestyle for Women is not only acknowledging the potential of our menstrual-lunar cycle but also celebrating the relationship between the rhythms of Nature and Yoga in a feminine perspective.


For honouring our cycle and life stage in our yoga sadhana we need to consider many aspects: pre-period, period, ovulation, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, aging process, relative mood and emotional swings, health status, season changes, weather, etc. In Iyengar Yoga we modify our asana and pranayama practice accordingly and bring awareness to our body needs through the choice of specific asana variations and use of props.

Through Ayurveda we go beyond the yoga practice itself and try to bring feminine awareness in nutrition, lifestyle, home remedies and all life choices allowing our bodies to have relevance every day and every moment of our life.


A combination of theory and practice will lead us to a pleasant understanding of women's body-mind-spirit organism.


• Sat 16/06/2018

Iyengar Yoga Centre

Rue Vandenbranden 7, 1000 Brussels


Ayurveda/Yoga Workshop 14.00-17.30

• Tea break •

Women Circle 18.00-20.00


Workshop cost: 50€

Women Circle cost: free entry - donations welcome


For booking and info:

Viola +32 489 608915


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